Vegan pop up on its way again!!!

We have another vegan pop up to delight diners in Nottingham this May.

After a sell out and successfull vegan supperclub in January we are coming back this May with another fabulous 6 course offering of fine vegan delights!

On the menu for this time round we have some vegan sushi! Bound to be a hit, and a few different dishes with a take on a vegan fattoush salad.

We return to the fantastic Debbie Bryan in Nottingham city centre again, combining craft and creativity with fabulous food.

Be sure to book ahead for this event as it’s sure to be a hit and sell out straight away!

For more information and to book tickets –

Now even easier to book a ticket via the website from the comfort of your own sofa!!!

We have a full drinks menu available on the evening with some great local beers and gins on offer to enhance the evening! Craig and his tram will be on hand all night also for any questions or advice regarding all things food!

We look forward to welcoming you all on the evening and please spread the word about this fabulous event!!


May popup is on its way…..

After a sell out event for our first popup in April we are back at the amazing Debbie Bryan shop in the heart of Nottingham’s lace market.

A lovely seasonal menu is in store for the evening with the same format as last time, 6 lovely courses for £40ph.

_D6T3649.JPGA fantastic event last time out with happy guests.

All the details on the event can be found here


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May popup on the cards 

Our next popup is here! 

After a successful sell out first ever popup in April, we are back again with our second date at the lovely Debbie Bryan shop in the heart of Nottingham’s lace market. 

The same set up as last time with a tasty 6course taster menu for just £40ph.

Be sure to book in advance to avoid missing out on tickets. 

All the information on the event and booking can be found here

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1st of 3 pop-up events planned this Spring!

This spring will see my first ever pop-up restaurant taking place in the city centre of Nottingham.

This is the 1st of 3 pop-ups’ planned at the same venue, a smart, quirky boutique shop in the Nottingham based in and around the famous lace market. Debbie Bryan offers the best of contemporary design whilst maintaining a pride in Nottingham’s rich textile heritage. Since opening the shop in 2009, Debbie has been working with inspiring thinkers to create memorable creative experiences and to develop unique products that are inspired by British heritage and our in-house Lace Archive.

A fabulous 6 course menu has been planned for the evening with focus on flavour and creating a relaxed, comfortable informal dining area for the evening.

Using local suppliers and producers as usual with all my events, I always seek the best ingredients I can get my hands on and always challenge these fantastic suppliers to do the same which they never fail to do.

There are still a couple of tables left for this exciting event that is not to be missed for all food lovers and their friends

For all booking details and menu visit the following page –

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Tasty new dish

065 - Craig Floate Food Photography by Mark Pugh - 3.JPGI was thinking of a refreshing dessert the other day for a new client booking I received, and didn’t want anything too heavy at the end of the 4 course meal so decided on a nice tasty lemon posset with meringue.


Such a simple dessert to make with just 3 ingredients!

Cream 600ml

Sugar 200g

Lemon zest x3 plus – 75ml juice

Oh and egg whites for the meringue, but what could more simple! A nice dessert you can once again make in advance and keep in the fridge until service time, giving you more time to entertain your guests.

Gently bring to the boil the cream with the sugar and lemon zest and juice and let the lemon flavour infuse into the cream for 4-5 minutes.

Remove from the heat and transfer into glasses or Kilner jars. Transfer to the fridge and chill for around 4-5 hours.

021 - Craig Floate Food Photography by Mark Pugh - 0153

For the meringue shards that have become quite popular on restaurant desserts recently. Whisk 2 egg whites with 50g sugar until stiff peaks are formed.

Spread a thin layer onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and dry out in the oven at the lowest possible setting it has around 50-70c for around 5-6 hours or overnight if possible.

Remove from oven, allow to cool and then snap into shards and place around the dessert. Garnish with a fresh raspberry and some crumbled honeycomb.

An amazing, tangy, tasty, simple dessert that even your granny could make!!!

023 - Craig Floate Food Photography by Mark Pugh - 2


In honour of Michael O’Hare

Inspired by recently watching Great British menu on bbc2 recently and seeing an amazing chef named Michael O’Hare from his 1 Michelin stared restaurant in Leeds ‘The man behind the curtain’ 

I thought I would try a new playing technique at a recent event. The kind of throw it on there, it just landed on the plate look that we have seen become more popular lately. 

I must say plating this way kind of goes against the grain of what we are taught as chefs as in uniformity and consistency and straight lines etc, it was kind of nice to plate with a freedom of knowing that what is on the plate is right and tastes amazing but the look was very different and random, which worked!!!! 
I must say I may take on board some more playing techniques like this in the future.

Event 3 of 3 in 3 days! Hen do in Derbyshire 

So our final event of the weekend came on Sunday with a hen do for 9 ladies in a cottage in Belper Derbyshire. All of the girls from across the border in Edinburgh had survived the weekend and still seemed full of energy for their private dining evening! 

On the menu for the evening for this event – 

Starters – pressed Ham hock terrine, pea puree, piccalilli, mustard and corriander 

On the main course was a lovely slow roast pork belly cooked in the waterbath for 24hrs then pressed and pan fried for a bit of colour, braised red cabbage, cider jus 

And to finish the evening we had a lovely sticky toffee and orange pudding, rich clotted cream, and a caramel and lime sauce. The best way to finish a grand old evening 

With the big date looming in May for the bride to be its was hats off to the bridesmaids for organised a fantastic  end to the long weekend away. 

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