May popup on the cards 

Our next popup is here! 

After a successful sell out first ever popup in April, we are back again with our second date at the lovely Debbie Bryan shop in the heart of Nottingham’s lace market. 

The same set up as last time with a tasty 6course taster menu for just £40ph.

Be sure to book in advance to avoid missing out on tickets. 

All the information on the event and booking can be found here

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1st of 3 pop-up events planned this Spring!

This spring will see my first ever pop-up restaurant taking place in the city centre of Nottingham.

This is the 1st of 3 pop-ups’ planned at the same venue, a smart, quirky boutique shop in the Nottingham based in and around the famous lace market. Debbie Bryan offers the best of contemporary design whilst maintaining a pride in Nottingham’s rich textile heritage. Since opening the shop in 2009, Debbie has been working with inspiring thinkers to create memorable creative experiences and to develop unique products that are inspired by British heritage and our in-house Lace Archive.

A fabulous 6 course menu has been planned for the evening with focus on flavour and creating a relaxed, comfortable informal dining area for the evening.

Using local suppliers and producers as usual with all my events, I always seek the best ingredients I can get my hands on and always challenge these fantastic suppliers to do the same which they never fail to do.

There are still a couple of tables left for this exciting event that is not to be missed for all food lovers and their friends

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Tokyo to Toba – bullet train,mount Fiji, bonito shop, Shinto shrine 

We left Tokyo in style travelling on the world famous bullet train. With speeds of over 150mph it certainly wouldn’t take us long to get to our destination of Nagoya.  

With beautiful scenery all around us as we travelled to the Japanese countryside something suddenly stud out as we were shooting along! Mount Fuji!!  

It was a lovely clear day so we quite a decent view, however snow on the top meant that we could not see its peak of over 3000 meters. 

We arrived in Nagoya to be greeted by our hosts from Toba city who would be looking after us all day  

We headed off to Ise shima for lunch specialising in conga eel then onto the number 1 Shinto shrine in the Ise region to say our wishes for someone else in our life’s.  

Ise grand shrine, Shinto temple and amazing Japanese gardens  

We then visited an original bonito shop where they produce the very best bonito to go into the making of dashi.  

Set on the sea front woth amazing views

Authentic tofu restaurant – Tokyo 

Our dinner took us to an authentic Japanese restaurant that specialised in tofu dishes, sweet/savoury. Set in beautifully manicured Japanese gardens with private rooms and no shoes this certainly bought you back home to the traditions of Japan and Japanese dishes and how to eat them.  

Our own private dining room to eat while we sat on the floor with the waitresses in traditional kimonos.  

The menu for the evening was 9 course taster menu out together by the chef to showcase his seasonal food pairings incorporating tofu where he could in the dishes.  

A few selected dishes from the evening – bamboo shoot, shrimp, clam and miso vinegared with sea eel and butterbur  

Deep fried tofu coated with miso 


Sashimi –

Steamed rice with crab & grilled sea bream

Sightseeing around Tokyo 

After our early start at the fish market today we took in all the sights and sounds that Tokyo had to offer.  

From shrines to grande palaces. To backstreet eateries and temples Tokyo certainly has a lot to offer.  


We found ourselves in kappabashi a traditional kitchen town with every shop a chefs dream from amazing Japanese knives to uniforms to pots and pans and even fridges if you get them back through customs on the flight home!  

Lunch took us to a healthy eating venue of tofu and specialising in low calorie meals. Our total calorie content for the whole meal was only 800kcal, defiantly a place for the health freak only I’d say! 

A visit to the grand palace where the emperor and his wife lived, just a small place for the 2 of them to live!  

Then a quick visit to a 3 Michelin star sushi restaurant in Tokyo with only seats by a world famous chef named Giro.