Tokyo to Toba – bullet train,mount Fiji, bonito shop, Shinto shrine 

We left Tokyo in style travelling on the world famous bullet train. With speeds of over 150mph it certainly wouldn’t take us long to get to our destination of Nagoya.  

With beautiful scenery all around us as we travelled to the Japanese countryside something suddenly stud out as we were shooting along! Mount Fuji!!  

It was a lovely clear day so we quite a decent view, however snow on the top meant that we could not see its peak of over 3000 meters. 

We arrived in Nagoya to be greeted by our hosts from Toba city who would be looking after us all day  

We headed off to Ise shima for lunch specialising in conga eel then onto the number 1 Shinto shrine in the Ise region to say our wishes for someone else in our life’s.  

Ise grand shrine, Shinto temple and amazing Japanese gardens  

We then visited an original bonito shop where they produce the very best bonito to go into the making of dashi.  

Set on the sea front woth amazing views