Guest chef evening this Wednesday in Derby!!

Our very first guest chef night is happening this Wednesday 18th October 2017 in Derby.

Hosting the evening is the amazing Palfrey bar and restaurant whom recently won best bar in the Derbyshire food and drink awards!! Congratulations guys!

This is a collaboration between head chef Danny Edwards and Craig Floate, 2 very talented chefs with a passion for amazingly flavoursome food, beautifully presented and expertly balanced over the menu.

We have drafted a very special 6 course taster menu for the evening, with focus on flavour and seasonality in all courses.

With the beautiful settings of the Palfrey bar and restaurant this is sure to be an exclusive event not to be missed, with only x30 lucky diners will be able to experience with us, matched with some fantastic wines and local gins.

Located in the historic Old Blacksmiths Yard on Sadlergate, The Palfrey is a newly refurbished unique and contemporary restaurant and wine bar, where we aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for our customers.

We still have a couple of tables left for this fantastic event happening this Wednesday 18th October 2017.

To book or find out more please call The Palfrey on – 01332 293 135

Or visit the website –

To find out more about Craig Floate visit –

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!


Guest chef night coming to Derby this October!!!

Our first guest chef night is happening in Derby this October on Wednesday 18th October 2017 at The Palfrey.

The Palfrey
7 – 9 Old Blacksmith’s Yard
Sadler Gate
Derby DE1 3PD

This fantastic evening brings a collaboration with head chef Danny Edwards and Craig Floate for a seasonal menu for the evening with 6 fabulous courses all focusing on maximum flavour with a fantastic presentation of colours and tastes to delight all.

Chef Danny Edwards has been with The Palfrey since they opened their doors and in 2016 and was largely involved in the set up of the whole building and design of the kitchen and dining room. He is a champion of local produce and fine flavours that he offers to his guests day in day out keeping them coming back for more, ensuring The palfrey is now one of Derby’s top dining destinations to be seen at.

Chef Craig Floate is a private/freelance chef who runs a private dining business in Nottingham catering to many people in private settings for fine dinner parties and fine occasions. Previously team chef to the British Sailing team and working in and around Europe with the team in the run up to the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games. He now works with celebrity chefs on food festivals, and catering for private clients most weekends all around the UK.

With 2 such talented chefs designing the menu for the evening this is sure to be an event not be missed and tickets are selling fast already so be sure to get on the list for this amazing evening of food and wine.

For more information on how to book tickets please visit –

or call

01332 293 135

To book your tickets today!!!

Event 3 of 3 in 3 days! Hen do in Derbyshire 

So our final event of the weekend came on Sunday with a hen do for 9 ladies in a cottage in Belper Derbyshire. All of the girls from across the border in Edinburgh had survived the weekend and still seemed full of energy for their private dining evening! 

On the menu for the evening for this event – 

Starters – pressed Ham hock terrine, pea puree, piccalilli, mustard and corriander 

On the main course was a lovely slow roast pork belly cooked in the waterbath for 24hrs then pressed and pan fried for a bit of colour, braised red cabbage, cider jus 

And to finish the evening we had a lovely sticky toffee and orange pudding, rich clotted cream, and a caramel and lime sauce. The best way to finish a grand old evening 

With the big date looming in May for the bride to be its was hats off to the bridesmaids for organised a fantastic  end to the long weekend away. 

To to start planning your own private dining event check us out at –

40th anniversary in Derbyshire

IMG_3680.JPG Saturday evening took us to derbyshire for a dinner party for a 40th wedding anniversary celebration. Menu on the evening was a nice balance of some lovely canapes, and a nice hearty starter and main with a light dessert


A nice amuse bouche started the meal off with a light strawberry and beetroot consommé


Nice starter of ham hock terrine with homemade brioche and classic piccalilli


A nice main course of rib of beef, with all the trimmings.

A lovely dessert of lemon panacotta


A fantastic evening all round thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests and staff!






Thermomix – Chocolate espresso brownies


Chocolate espresso brownies –

Preheat oven to 180C.

1. Roughly chop chocolate and weigh into Thermomix bowl, with coconut oil:

– 160g dark, dairy free, sugar free chocolate, chopped (I use 65% Valrhona, or Green & Black’s 70% cocoa chocolate, or Rapadura sweetened chocolate)

– 60g coconut oil

2. Cook chocolate and oil for 3 minutes at 50C, speed 2.

3. Add remaining ingredients, and mix for 5 seconds on speed 5. Scrape down sides of bowl and re-mix if needed.

– 1 1/2 tsps ground espresso beans (organic de-caffeinated preferred)

– 4 eggs

– 40g coconut flour

– 80g coconut sugar or Rapadura

– 1/4 tsp green stevia powder, or 20 drops liquid stevia

– 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

– 1/4 tsp fine Himalayan or Celtic sea salt

4. Pour mixture into a square baking dish greased with coconut oil, and bake at 180C for about 25 minutes, or just until a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean. Don’t overcook.

5. When brownies are cooked, take them out of the oven and bang the dish down on the counter a few times, to make them denser and less ‘fluffy’. Allow to cool (if you can wait!) and serve with vanilla cashew cream or vanilla honey coconut cream (without the lemon juice).


Whats all the fuss about Thermomix???

20130627_183819000_iOSIs Thermomix the world’s most awesome kitchen appliance ever invented?

Firstly, let me just say that I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of Thermomix until a few days ago when a lovely lady from church told me about her brand new Thermomix and seeing as I write in a food blog, she thought I might be interested in coming along to a demo. Ever since the initial invitation, before I even went to the demo, I started doing my research online and asking people about it. Again, how embarrassing that I had no clue! Shame on me. So called foodie.

From what I have read alone, I’ve gathered the conclusion that the Thermomix is more than just a food processor. It does EVERYTHING! Well, almost everything. Take a look at what it can do:

Mills, Grinds, Pulverises and Grates
•All Grains eg. wheat, barley, buckwheat, oats, rice
•Coffee Beans
•Parmesan and other hard cheeses
•Sugar into icing sugar
•All Seeds eg. linseed, sesame, poppy, sunflower (make LSA)
•All Nuts eg. almond, walnuts, hazelnuts (make Dukkah)
•All Spices eg. peppercorns, cinnamon, lemon zest, nutmeg, vanilla (make Garam Masala)

• All Breads, Pizza, Foccacia and Brioche
•Pasta Dough
•Pastries including Choux

•All meat including chicken and fish
•Onion, Garlic, Ginger and Chillies


•Drinks eg. juices, lemonades,
cocktails and milkshakes
•Pâtés, Dips, Pesto and Tapenades
•Dressings including Mayonnaise
•Ice creams, Sorbets and Desserts
•Cakes and Pavlovas
•Jams, Marmalade, Preserves and Spreads (eg. peanut butter, hazelnut)
•Cappuccino, Caffè Latte and Ice Coffee

• Soups
•Sauces and Pastes
eg. tomato, seafood,
hollandaise, curry
•Curries, Stews and Casseroles
•Baby food

•Egg whites
• Cake frosting and fillings

•Fish and other seafood
•Meat and chicken
•Dumplings and buns

All that in one appliance that will even wash itself! (Are you kidding me?!)

Did I mention it’s also a digital weighing scale?

So apparently this current Thermomix model is a result of 20 million Euros investment in the Research and Development of this product. It has won many design awards, and is actually very popular even in commercial kitchens. Professional chefs apparently love using Thermomix for various types of usage in their commercial kitchens. Let me just get one thing out of the way… HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

Well, whether you are a commercial user or a home user, you can ONLY purchase Thermomix via a consultant by attending a demo or hosting one or becoming a consultant yourself to earn one. Otherwise, the price is the same across the board for anyone who wishes to purchase the Thermomix…

£885 a pop.


But wait, wouldn’t you pay that much if it significantly saves you time and even money in the long run? You see, you’ll be able to make a lot of things from scratch, and it’s fast and easy, and you have control over what goes in your food. No preservatives, no artificial flavors. It is a healthier option, and gives you freedom to create delicious anything in your own home. Making food from scratch also proves to be cheaper than store bought food in many cases, and our consultant Kate demonstrated a few examples last night.

She started off by making an Apple, Pear and Ginger Sorbet. She used Raw Sugar and literally pulverised it into Icing Sugar in 10 seconds! Then she added the Apple, Pear and Ginger and Ice and processed it all together and within minutes…

Fresh sorbet! You never have to worry about not having dessert to serve when people randomly come over again… I can just imagine all the yummy “custom” flavors of sorbet and ice cream I would make.

Our demonstrator also showed us how to many home made dip. I can’t remember what herb she used (Kate, if you’re reading this.. a bit of help? Forgot to take notes, hehe) but the Thermomix was cool enough to be able to finely chop ONE GARLIC CLOVE, just a teeny tiny garlic clove and it was chopped finely, add your herbs and cream cheese and voila! Again, my mind is already thinking of all the various flavors I’d like to try in a dip. And store bought dip are not cheap! Edit: The herbs used were garlic, spring onion and parsley.

You can also transform fruit and veggies into a salad in just a few seconds, with dressing!

Here’s one of my favorite feature. I never make bread from scratch because it is messy and I am too lazy to knead. The Thermomix kneads bread for you! It may not cook it, but by the time the Thermomix is done, you don’t have a messy kitchen bench and all you do is stick the dough into the oven!

This was the dough before it rises.

And after letting it rise in the oven at low heat, you start rolling the dough and making your homemade bread rolls! Wheee… so much fun 🙂

The bread rolls are now ready to go in the oven. On the left, is the Mushroom Risotto sitting in a Thermomix warming bowl (food stays warm in it for up to 2 hours) but I will get to the risotto soon.

The end result! Soft, and warm, freshly baked bread… mmmm…

It was so fresh and warm the butter melted immediately. It was soooo goooood…

The 5th course… Chocolate Custard! Again, this looked way too easy and was ready within 10 minutes. From memory, I believe the ingredients included a block of chocolate (completely crushed and pulverised using the Thermomix) and milk and eggs. What did I miss? I wish I took notes… lol.

And finally, the pouring of this wine in this photo above brings us to our final 6th dish and my personal favorite – the Mushroom Risotto. Imagine having the onions and herbs chopped in the Thermomix, and then the Thermomix stir fries it for you, and then you add your Arborio rice and season well and add wine and mushrooms, etc… and you just let it cook itself for 20 minutes.

When it’s done, just stir in some freshly grated parmesan cheese…

Although the Thermomix jug only fits 2 litres, I’d say that is more than enough risotto to feed a family!

So that was pretty much an inside look at a Thermomix demonstration. Six dishes in just over 2 hours, and with talking in between! At the end of it, there wasn’t much of a mess to clean up at all, since we only used the one appliance (and the oven) to do most of the cooking.

The way I see it, Thermomix is perfect for people with food allergies, gluten intolerant, busy mums, busy career people, chefs, foodies who love experimenting with their own flavors, foodies who love making their own spices and curry paste and their own jam, etc, and lazy people who enjoy the convenience and speed, who hates cleaning, who will otherwise not bother cooking. Doesn’t that pretty much cover everyone?!

They also send you a Starter Recipe Book with every purchase, and they have more specific recipe books available if you want to focus more on Vegetarian, or Asian, or Soups, or Dips, or anything any other niche. But then again, you don’t have to worry there are heaps of recipes available online everywhere!

So the only thing stopping me from buying the Thermomix immediately is what am I going to do with all the other kitchen appliances I will no longer use?

The business is growing that fast in the UK as well at the moment we are looking for demonstrators in and around the midlands, so get in touch if you want to find out more!!!

First events of the year, how to be in 2 places at once!!!


Our fist events of the year took place this weekend. A stag do for x25 gentlemen, and also a 40th birthday celebration.

The stag do was held in a completely unique venue, an old pub which has been converted into luxury rooms and lodges, so now you can literally fall asleep on the bar!! this unique venue offers the guests the chance to go behind the bar and serve themselves! Pour their own pints and spirits, with a pool table and darts board it truly is the ideal location for a stag do! Mans favourite things in life……Beer, food, and pub games! On the menu for these beer hungry guests was a simple offering of a homemade steak pie and chips. With locally sourced beef, tasting great, simple filling food for the hungry stags to keep them filled up for the long night ahead. For this event we had one of best team members Dan keeping the lads happy. SONY DSC

Our second event of the day, took us over to Lincolnshire – Woodhall Spa, for a ladies 40th birthday celebrations with x7 of her family and friends. A fantastic location, a lovely modern house with a fantastic kitchen set up that every chef would love to cook in everyday. On the menu for the evening was –

Champagne & canapés to start
Homemade black olive and truffle bread
Panfried scallops, apple puree, crystallised ginger, truffle powder, pancetta
Seared duck breast, fondant potato, creamed leeks, buttered baby carrots, spiced cherry jus
Trio of desserts – Lemon panacotta, apple and berry crumble, lemon and raspberry baked cheesecake

A fantastic menu chosen by the host for the evening. The whole night was a fantastic success, with all the guests very happy and once again very merry!! (Seems to always happen at these events!) Wine and serving by Dan after his escapades at the earlier stag do, it certainly was a long day for him but it certainly was a case of needing to be in 2 places at once. Craig4 Small

For an amazing experience in the comfort of your own home, or just to celebrate a special occasion a private dinner party is defiantly an easy way of having a fantastic evening get in touch –